Georgetown Defenders is committed to developing and sustaining a robust community of future public defenders at Georgetown University Law Center. Our mission is three-fold:

  1. Educate: To educate and encourage self-education on the role of public defense in our society.
  2. Activate: To activate our beliefs by organizing direct action campaigns for current issues afflicting public defense profession and the greater criminal justice system.
  3. Communicate: To communicate and connect with alumni to build and sustain a network of current and future public defenders.

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Equal Justice Under Law?

It’s hard to take seriously the paeans to “equality” and “justice” the courts like to decorate their halls with. Behind their sterile, obnoxious, absorbed self-seriousness is a remarkable record of brutal daily injustices. Today, will another poor person be charged, indicted, and convicted of fifth degree possession of a controlled substance, an incredibly harmless and … Continue reading Equal Justice Under Law?

“End forcible unnecessary family separation everywhere.”

Working in public defense means working for clients who have been oppressed by multiple systems that are funded, promoted, and perpetuated by our government. Annie Flanagan, 3L Advisory Committee member for Georgetown Defenders, finds inspiration in the myriad ways in which Bronx Defenders challenges these systems: A few weeks into my summer at the Bronx … Continue reading “End forcible unnecessary family separation everywhere.”

Summer at The Public Defender Service

Andrea Fenster, 2L Leadership Committee member for Georgetown Defenders, talks about finding her tribe at the Public Defender Service over the past several weeks: This summer, I had the opportunity to participate in the Summer Law Clerk program at the D.C. Public Defender Service in the Special Education division. My first week was so exhilarating … Continue reading Summer at The Public Defender Service

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