Equal Justice Under Law?

It's hard to take seriously the paeans to "equality" and "justice" the courts like to decorate their halls with. Behind their sterile, obnoxious, absorbed self-seriousness is a remarkable record of brutal daily injustices. Today, will another poor person be charged, indicted, and convicted of fifth degree possession of a controlled substance, an incredibly harmless and … Continue reading Equal Justice Under Law?

“End forcible unnecessary family separation everywhere.”

Working in public defense means working for clients who have been oppressed by multiple systems that are funded, promoted, and perpetuated by our government. Annie Flanagan, 3L Advisory Committee member for Georgetown Defenders, finds inspiration in the myriad ways in which Bronx Defenders challenges these systems: A few weeks into my summer at the Bronx … Continue reading “End forcible unnecessary family separation everywhere.”

Summer at The Public Defender Service

Andrea Fenster, 2L Leadership Committee member for Georgetown Defenders, talks about finding her tribe at the Public Defender Service over the past several weeks: This summer, I had the opportunity to participate in the Summer Law Clerk program at the D.C. Public Defender Service in the Special Education division. My first week was so exhilarating … Continue reading Summer at The Public Defender Service

Broken Windows in 2018

Broken windows policing, a decidedly failed effort to prevent serious crime by cracking down on petty offenses (e.g. public urination, vandalism), often has life-altering effects on the lives of those subjected to it. Kim Kidani, 3L Advisory Committee member for Georgetown Defenders, reflects on how this method of policing prevails in New York City today. … Continue reading Broken Windows in 2018

Wednesdays in Marijuana Court

Meet Alex Douglas, 2L Leadership Committee member and intern at the Arlington County Public Defender's Office. For Alex, this summer has thus far been a lesson in the brutal reality of our criminal justice system: Wednesday afternoon is "marijuana court" at the Arlington County Courthouse. It is the designated arraignment slot for possession of marijuana … Continue reading Wednesdays in Marijuana Court

Cheryl Sobeski-Reedy/Luzerne County (Wilkes-Barre)

"I would go into courtrooms and there wouldn't be women lawyers there, and I would say, 'I'm going to keep coming in here so that they get used to seeing a woman.' I remember thinking that at the time -- 'I'm not going anywhere, I'm going to keep coming.'" In Episode 3, Cheryl Sobeski-Reedy discusses … Continue reading Cheryl Sobeski-Reedy/Luzerne County (Wilkes-Barre)

Will Snowden/Orleans Public Defenders

"That sound of the links rubbing up against each other and that shuffle of the feet, is something that I will never forget. I don't know what slavery sounds like, but I'm sure it's similar to that." In Episode 2, attorney Will Snowden from Orleans Public Defenders discusses diversity in law school, Louisiana's habitual offender … Continue reading Will Snowden/Orleans Public Defenders

Bahar Ansari/The Legal Aid Society (Brooklyn)

"Defenders United" Episode 1 features Bahar Ansari, trial attorney for The Legal Aid Society - Brooklyn, and visiting clinical professor at CUNY School of Law.  Listen in as we discuss her experience growing up in rural Pennsylvania as the child of Iranian immigrants, her legal education at CUNY, blindfold discovery law in New York City, … Continue reading Bahar Ansari/The Legal Aid Society (Brooklyn)

“Defenders United” Episode 1 Teaser

Excited to announce that the first episode of our brand new podcast will be released on Friday, October 6th. As a meditation on the role of public defense in our society, “Defenders United” will explore the lives and work of public defense attorneys across the United States from the perspective of a current law student. … Continue reading “Defenders United” Episode 1 Teaser